TS Cosmetics was Born and Raise in INDIA . TS Cosmetics was founded by Tabassum Saher. My passion revolves around a tool that women use daily, makeup. Makeup, for me, has always brought me an immense amount of joy. When I began to wear makeup every day, I would spend time thinking about what makeup I would wear the next day and the next day. I Love wearing makeup but it cost me bomb so i though Luxury doesn’t always have to come at a cost, it must be easily accessible to everyone who aspire good quality products. Then I started researched about the cosmetics chemist and applied for the course and from their the journey begins and we are here with your love and support!! FAMILY SUPPORT I WAS BLESSED WITH A SUPPORTING FAMILY. THEY SUPPORTED ME IN MY JOURNEY IN CONVERTING MYSELF FROM AN ORDINARY GIRL TO SUPER POWERFUL entrepreneur. COST EFFECTIVE WITH SUPER HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS " I want you to experience simplicity with a touch of luxury at an affordable price.'' Our products are 100% animal cruelty free & made with LOVE. We continue to provide the best customer service with our premium quality products We believe makeup shouldn’t be that complicated - experiment, enjoy and be kind to your wallet and planet while doing it. Our products are colorful and FUN - with no shortcuts. OUR CLIENTS, OUR STRENGTH ,We are pleased to have thousands of satisfied customers from India, and many more countries & nationalities across the globe donning the #tsCosmetics We have also been thoroughly recognized and loved by highly acclaimed makeup artists, celebrities and magazines both nationally and internationally.XOXO Tabassum Saher